333 I Am Presence Light Code Activation Watch Preview

333 I Am Presence Light Code Activation

The Light of God I Am

Rainbow Bridge to New Earth

Two Hour Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek


Beloved heart, we invite you to join us in these powerful I Am Presence Light Code Activations.


Whilst the number 3 Light Codes bring forth the Trinity Activations, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and birthing of the Christ Child, and the 33 Light Codes ignite the Christ Consciousness Codes of Self Mastery and Service in Love, (the Christ/Buddha Codes) all amplifies with the 333 Light Codes.


The 333 I Am Presence Light Code Activation expands the Light of God We Are through the Rainbow Bridge to New Earth, the Antakarana, and deepening embodiment of our Higher Selves in Photonic infusions of pure White Light.


The center of our crown chakra is where the Silver Cord of 'Liquid White Light' from our Beloved I Am Presence and Mother/Father God enters. The Silver Cord, also known as the Sutratma or Life Thread of the Antakarana, refers to the life-giving energetic consciousness connection from our Higher Selves to our physical body.


As we flow into the higher dimensions of New Earth by becoming our Higher Selves upon this sacred earth, we further deepen into Self Mastery as our physical body becomes our Light Body, and as we become the Witnessing Presence of our Beloved I Am. In addition, our 12 New Earth Chakras align and activate along the Spinal column.


All occurs as the Antakarana, the Rainbow Bridge of Light, widens and activates through the crown chakra and up and down the spinal column as a Pillar of White Photonic Light. Additionally, the first seven chakras clear, release and unblock to open up through this increased spin rate of pure Photonic Light.

As the Physical Body expands with Photonic Light (Soul Light) and the spin rate of each cell increases, our chakras grow huge and merge into One Chakra, creating the Crystalline Rainbow Light Body and the 12 New Earth Chakras activate along the spinal column.


The Crystalline Rainbow Light Body assists us to experience all that is Soul aligned, as conduits of God’s Divine Love. We are in Service to humanity, and all upon this sacred earth, in the recognition that we are all One.


We are further releasing remnants of the lesser-than and better-than consciousness, and judgment of self and the judgment of others as we expand the Portal of our Golden Heart. This allows for the Compassionate Loving Heart to activate as we observe all and expand beyond the old whilst deepening into the Stillness within.


Additionally we merge, integrate and embody our Higher Selves as we experience timelines of self-mastery, and the Overlighting of the Inner Plane Masters through the Flame of Divine Love.


We map our New Earth realities through our Loving Hearts in relation to the Light We Hold, as we step out of the time and space of 3D into Zero Point, the eternal ever present Now moment as our Beloved I Am Presence. Here is where time slows down and the sub atomic particles increase the Light spin of Crystalline Consciousness. Here is where we become our Future Selves as the Light of God We Are, whilst dreaming into creation the next level of our Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light.


The key to unlock the 333 I Am Presence Light Codes as the Light of God We Are, is the ability to expand the Antakarana, the Rainbow Bridge of Light to New Earth through the Physical Body as we experience being our Higher Selves within our Loving Hearts.


As the “I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light” we start this transmission with a beautiful Invocation and Initiation of Christ/Buddha Consciousness through Shamballa, Venus and Sirius, Overlighted by Lord Buddha, Sanat Kumara and the Lord of Sirius, to deepen the Codes of Initiation and Self Mastery.


From this loving space, and connected to many Illumined Beings of Light from On High, we activate the Soul Star Chakra, approx. 15 centimeters, 6 inches above the crown chakra with the 333 I Am Presence Light Codes, as we expand into the Plasma Light Fields of Unity Consciousness and connect more deeply to our Beloved I Am Presence and the Beloved I Am Presence of every man, woman and child upon this sacred earth.


As the Light Rays of Shamballa additionally shine upon our Hearts and Minds in sound, color and sacred geometry, we clear the lower karmic timelines of victim/persecutor consciousness, and in particular the lower chakras, and merge with all 144 Soul Rays, of which we are One, the Monadic Consciousness of our Beloved I Am.


Ready now, as the glorious Witnessing Presence of our Beloved I Am to experience the 'Flame of Life-Everlasting' through our Physical Body/Light Body Ascension, we draw forth our Soul Rays as our Higher Selves, Multidimensional Selves, Future Selves, Galactic Selves, Angelic Selves and more, through Photonic Infusion from the Soul Chakra and into the Crown Chakra.


 As the Three-Fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom ignites in Plumes of Blue, Pink and Golden Yellow Light from within the Golden Heart, we visualize the Soul Star Chakra moving diagonally from the point six inches (30 centimetres) above the Crown Chakra to six inches in front of the Third Eye. From here we move the Soul Star Chakra into the Pineal Gland and along the Antakarana and following this, back to the Soul Star Chakra above the Crown Chakra. We repeat this seven times, and then move through each of the seven primary Chakras as well as the knees, feet and Earth Star Chakra with these “Soul Star Triangular Activations.”


Lastly, we experience the 12 New Earth Chakras and related New Earth Colors activating along the spinal column as we create the Crystalline Rainbow Light Body.


These are powerful techniques to embody your Higher Selves and become your Beloved I Am Presence in form upon this sacred earth.


2 Lessons

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