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 444 I Am Presence Light Code Activation

The Will of God I Am

Divine Soul Blueprint and Spinal Plasma Light Recalibration

Beloved hearts, embedded in our DNA is our Divine Soul Blueprint of Crystalline Consciousness and Plasma Light. A multidimensional map, intuitively guiding us in this lifetime and each Now moment, as we become our Higher Selves upon this sacred earth in deep trust and surrender to our Universe.


With our unique purpose and life mission, all Soul aligned, as we align our will to the Divine Will of Mother/Father God and our Beloved I Am Presence, we deepen into Service to Mother Earth and all her Life.


To access our Divine Soul Blueprint, many of us choose to experience the karmic timelines initially, learning through our pain, heartache, and human miscreation’s. Then, as our Loving Heart expands in compassion for all, we awaken to the Light of God We Are. We dream our realities into being as we perceive and envision through our Mind’s Eye (Pineal Gland) aligned to our Divine Soul Blueprint. Sacred, holy and unique to each one of us, our Divine Soul Blueprint holds the remembrance of ALL WE ARE, our Divinity, our Purity, and our Light, and the ability to become our Higher Self and Beloved I Am Presence.


As we deepen into the space where all is Soul aligned, we are invited to experience the 444 I Am Presence Light Code Activation of Divine Soul Blueprint and Spinal Plasma Light Recalibration.


The Spinal Plasma Light Recalibration activates our Spine as Plasma Light and a bridge of Rainbow Light between Heaven and Earth. When our spine is activated, it emits plasma, a powerful energy that elevates the vibrational frequency of our body. This “plasma upgrade” enables our body to expand dimensionally as we experience higher states of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.


As our body emits plasma, we are able to more easily access our Divine Soul Blueprint, and to draw forth all that is needed in each Now moment as a manifesting Co-Creator to our Universe. With grace and ease, trust and surrender, as we align our will to the Will of God, we become a bridge of Quantum Consciousness to the higher realms. Our Spinal Column becomes the primary operating system for our New Earth Bodies through its connection to the brain, central nervous system, muscles, bones, body parts and blood, communicating to the body via the spinal nerves. Furthermore, we can access the Universal Akasha, to dissolve and collapse karmic timelines as well as re-write and map our future multidimensionally from this Now.


Additionally, as we embody our Higher Selves, we transmit and conduct plasma light, and with this, change the atomic structure of our bodies from carbon based into the less dense compound of silicate. This occurs through the living DNA and our Beloved I Am Presence programming and changing the number of electrons that are bonded to our atomic and subatomic structure, to create the Silicate DNA Template.


In this Masterclass, with the Overlighting of our Beloved I Am Presence, and an etheric Healing Team, we connect to each vertebra along the Spinal Column to release the density stored within the bones and to activate the Spinal Plasma Light. With powerful affirmations and Golden Infinity Symbols, we reset each vertebra as we align our will to the Will of God.


We then align into the original Divine Soul Blueprint through the Christ Consciousness Divine Soul Purpose Activation which takes us ever deeper into our Heart’s Dreaming and the expansion of our Soul's Purpose.


In this activation, connecting to our Beloved I Am Presence and etheric Healing Team, we activate the New Earth chakras to a deeper level of Divine Will. We further focus on the sacred geometry of the Star Tetrahedron, a three-dimensional six-pointed star, as this shape connects us in to our original Divine Soul Blueprint.


Lastly, we access the Akashic Records to rewrite the next level of our Soul’s Divine Blueprinting, Heart’s dreaming and joy and recode this in the original Divine Eight Cells within the Perineum and Tailbone area.


Join us beloved heart in this powerful 444 I Am Presence Light Code Activation.


Video and Mp3 recordings are available, with and without background music.

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