Akashic Records Access and the Halls of Amenti Practitioner Training


Akashic Records Access and the Halls of Amenti

 New Earth Quantum Healing Practitioner Training

Four Hour Mini Course with Anrita Melchizedek

Beloved hearts, we are in the midst of collectively birthing anew, of stepping up into new levels of Divine Service to this sacred earth and taking on new service roles. And if you feel the calling to expand your Service work, we invite you to become a New Earth Quantum Healing Practitioner.


We invite you to join us in this light encoded Masterclass and Practitioner Training, where you will experience powerful New Earth frequency tools that will assist to expand your frequency into the fifth dimension and beyond. In addition, you will have the opportunity to offer this New Earth Quantum Healing Activation - Akashic Records Access and the Halls of Amenti

 to your Light Tribe.


One of the most important aspects of our ascension we experience as Wayshowers and Flames of Divinity, is our ability to access holographically and quantumly an entire multidimensional reality of heart centered consciousness which we call New Earth. Through the New Earth Templates that activate from within as we align to Source, we deepen into the frequencies of Heaven on Earth. We further hold and expand the frequency of our Christed Light, to create a vibrational match within our external realities as we expand the Light of God upon this sacred earth.


As New Earth Guides, we draw to us the beautiful Souls still awakening and remembering their magnificence and Light as well as the support of Soul and Star Families, as our Communities of Light, as part of our Soul agreements to this sacred earth.


Primarily, it is through sharing the energy of New Earth, through our own experiences, vibration and frequency, with our expanded states of consciousness, physical body and light body upgrades, DNA activations, magic and Love, that activates and expand the Light upon this sacred earth.


We do this by holding ourselves, as our Universe, to the highest vibration Soul aligned we can, in each Now moment, continually ascending and expanding our Consciousness as well as dissolving and collapsing the lower timelines no longer needing to be experienced.


We are all embodying our Soul Light. We are all becoming our Higher Selves. It is just amazing and beautiful that we can do it together as awakened Souls, and this Masterclass and Practitioner Training offers an opportunity to come together as One Heart and One Love. To share, to care, to heal, and to expand our Light and also, to offer these New Earth Quantum Healing Activations to others.


This Practitioner Training offers you the opportunity to experience and share a New Earth Quantum Healing Activation called Akashic Records Access and the Halls of Amenti.


We will provide you with techniques and tools that will expand your Light, elevate your Consciousness, and in a step-by-step process show you how to be a powerful New Earth Quantum Healing Practitioner and offer one-on-one sessions and group sessions to your Light Tribe.


You will be provided with a manual that you can use for your Light Tribe, with the main guided visualization and quantum healing tools utilized in this masterclass course.



We will cover marketing suggestions to create an awareness of yourself as a New Earth Quantum Healer and Guide. We will provide a template for your website page promoting a New Earth Quantum Healing Session as well as a suggested eBook as a free gift for your Light Tribe



You will receive ongoing Monthly Q&A Zoom Support with Anrita Melchizedek as well as the opportunity to share your own stories and be part of our beautiful Light Tribe Community.


This New Earth Quantum Healing Activation Practitioner Training will assist you to:

Access the Akashic Records as you collapse and dissolve old timelines, emotional blocks, false beliefs and judgments and exit Old Earth


Stabilize your frequency to the vibration of New Earth and merge with and integrate more deeply your Soul Light and Higher Selves


Express all from the Loving Heart as the Light of God You Are


Deepen into the Quantum Field and Re-Write your Soul Divine Blueprint in this Now


Experience all that is Soul aligned to your Universe


Re-Write, Recode and expand your Consciousness through the Heart of Love


Activate your Pineal Gland


Become a New Earth Guide and Quantum Healer to your Light Tribe


Join us beautiful heart in this powerful New Earth Quantum Healing Practitioner Training with your hosts Anrita Melchizedek and Lauren Galey as we expand our Service work as New Earth Guides to this sacred earth.


6 Lessons

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Akashic Records Access and Halls of Amenti


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Practitioner Training Introduction

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