Andromedan ESP Attunement Mini Course

Andromedan ESP Attunement
Extrasensory Perception Gifts

With Anrita Melchizedek

The Andromedan Extra Sensory Perception Gifts Attunement amplifies our natural gifts of seeing and knowing and hearing the Light of God as the Flames of Divinity We Are. Primarily in this ESP attunement, we work with the rays of creation and the gifts of telepathy, clairsentience, clairempathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance.

Each Mini Course has three lessons

First Lesson

A beautiful Galactic Stargate of the Heart Attunement and Activation done in the form of an invocation and guided visualization plus a beautiful workbook with your Galactic Sacred Geometry Light encoded art, your written invocations and prompts

Second Lesson

How to create your own Galactic Crystal Grids and Home Grids using your Galactic Stargate of the Heart Crystal Grid Templates. You will also receive the Galactic Crystal Grid Templates in Poster Size

Third Lesson

How to create your own amazing Alchemy Elixirs, Oils and Sprays

We have further created a set of beautiful labels for those of you guided to create your own Alchemy Elixirs, Oils and Sprays. Please note you do not need the spray labels for the course, but should you be interested in this, you can purchase the Alchemy Elixir Labels for $44 through this link -

We look greatly forward to having you join us. If you have any queries, please email us at or leave your comments on the Heights Platform. Welcome on-board. 

3 Lessons

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Andromedan ESP Attunement Introduction and Transmission

Amplifying your ESP Gifts

Andromedan ESP Attunement Galactic Crystal Grid

Creating your own Galactic Overlighted Home Grid

Andromedan ESP Attunement Alchemy Elixirs

Creating your own Alchemy Elixirs, Oils and Sprays