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Galactic Activations


Join us beloved hearts as we experience forty-eight powerful Galactic Activations through the Overlighting of the Star Councils, and in particular, the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans and Arcturians, all of the Light.

These Galactic Activations are intentional quantum energy wave spectrum frequencies of Photonic Light, and pure Diamond Crystalline Plasma Light in geometric form, with the primary sacred geometry being that of the Flower of Life, holding many of the secrets of the Universe.

These “Galactivations” accelerate our ability to experience our New Earth realities through raising our frequency and expanding our consciousness.

Through these Galactic Sacred Geometry Light Encoded Templates that ignite as spiralling spherical Geometric, Photonic and Diamond Plasma Light infusions of Crystalline Consciousness through the Golden Heart (heart and thymus chakras), and from here, into different parts of the body and energy field, we access, re-write and program the living light and Divine Intelligence of the DNA to the next level of Galactic Light Codes and Healing/Wholeness frequencies, Overlighted by the Star Councils and our Beloved I Am Presence.

The lack of Photonic Light within our bodies, is what causes our dis-ease and dis-comfort. Living multidimensionally, our bodies fill with Photonic Light and Photonic air bubbles, which is essentially our Soul Essence, as we embody our Soul Light and activate our Light Bodies. We are essentially infusions of Photonic, Plasma, Crystalline/Christ Light experiencing our Universe in Cosmic oscillating frequencies of sacred geometry, sound, color and Quantum Consciousness.


Plasma permeates the entire solar system, as well as the multiverse. As we shift into embodying higher energetic frequencies through alignment to the Divine, our Universe, our physical bodies transform in this process of rejuvenation and regeneration, and we are able to conduct plasma light, and change the atomic structure of our bodies from carbon based into the less dense compound of silicate, and from here to crystalline consciousness. This occurs through the changing of the number of electrons that are bonded to our atomic and subatomic structure. With this, we expand the Diamond Crystalline Plasma Light frequencies within as we deepen into soul embodiment. These plasma upgrades enable our physical body to expand the Plasma Light frequencies from within, to access the higher dimensional realms and higher states of consciousness. Additionally, as our body emits plasma, it becomes less susceptible to lower vibrational emotions such as fear, anger, and anxiety. Further to this, we need Plasma Light to fully embody our Galactic frequencies and navigate the vibrational realities beyond the physical dimension. This upgrade allows us as Galactics to experience the expansion of our God Self, our purity aspects, as we access higher realms of consciousness.


This process of Ascension/Decension and Soul embodiment through pure Photonic and Diamond Crystalline Plasma Light, creates the Cosmic Map of Quantum Consciousness to which we hold ourselves in alignment in each Now moment, as we step beyond the veils of illusion, into Higher Heart Resonance as the Light of God We Are.

We could further call the Diamond Light Codes, the Codes of Divinity as they are the expression of our Highest Light, our Purity and Innocence as the Light of God We Are. And as we amplify and activate the Diamond Light Codes, we align ever deeper into the Christed Light within and expand into our Crystalline/Christed Light Bodies.


Furthermore, these Galactic Activations allows each one of us to restore our Divine Christed Blueprint as we receive an influx of Christed, Photonic and Plasma Light to expand beyond the old and transcend all karmic experiences no longer needing to be experienced. With this, we restore our cellular memories to Crystalline Consciousness, as we remember fully that we are the Christ Light, living from a state of Oneness and Unity Consciousness.


In this beautiful Masterclass we receive these Galactic Activations and “Geometric Templates” through our connection to our Galactic Higher Self aspects and Beloved I Am Presence, in tandem with the Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan and Arcturian High Councils, who come forward at this time to add their unique energetic signatures to our amazing Light as the Flames of Divinity We Are.

Some of the numerous Galactic Activations and corresponding Geometric Templates received include:

The Beloved I Am Presence

Multidimensional Timeline Jumping

Portal Activations

Zero Point

Higher Selves, Future Selves and Multidimensional Selves

Divine Plan  

Kundalini Activation

Pineal Gland

Inner Golden Sun

Axiatonal Alignment

Akashic Records

Merkaba Activation

Light Body Activation

And numerous healing templates such as:

Purification Rings of Fire

Light Healing Infusion

Inner Temple of Self Love

Inner Plane Healing Masters

Acupuncture Healing Masters

And so much more

Come join us beloved hearts as we experience these New Earth Galactic Activations of magic and bliss, accessed on a Quantum level where all exists in Unity, Harmony and Love.

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Galactic Activations Masterclass Introduction

Masterclass Introduction

Galactic Activations Masterclass