Light Body Upgrades and Ascension Seats Practitioner Training

Light Body Upgrades and Ascension Seats Practitioner Training

New Earth Quantum Healing Activation

Four Hour Course

with Anrita Melchizedek and co-host Lauren Galey


Beloved heart, join us for a deep and powerful New Earth Quantum Healing Activation in this masterclass on Light Body Upgrades and Ascension Seats plus Practitioner Training.

The New Earth Quantum Healing Activations assist us to expand into New Earth, living fifth dimensionally and beyond. New Earth is a state of higher dimensional consciousness as well as a very physical reality that we experience by being our Light Body, our Soul Body, through the process of Soul embodiment.

Essentially we ascend our human/ego selves and descend our higher aspects into form, to become our Light Body. We ascend our bodies and consciousness through raising our frequency and vibration and releasing the density within, whilst simultaneously descending our multidimensional Selves, which are our Higher Selves and Future Selves into our physical bodies. Our physical bodies then become our Light Body, as we become our Ascended Selves in form and shift into Crystalline/Christ Consciousness. Additionally, the sub-atomic particles transform from carbon-based density to Crystalline Consciousness and Light.

In the beginning stages of our journey, all is outside of us. Our bodies are also asleep, and we are asleep, with unconsciousness programs playing out and dictating the vibrational frequency of our realities.

As our Light Body starts to awaken and activate, as we move inwards and connect more deeply to the Light of God We Are, the DNA awakens and activates through a process of recoding, reprogramming and reconfiguration. This activates the Light Codes and New Earth programs from within, to shift and release the old programs and stories.

We undergo both a Spiritual as well as a Physical Ascension process, with continuous Light Body Upgrades and DNA Activations, as we become our Soul/Higher Selves and Light Body. Additionally, we clear the density within the physical body and lower bodies through continuous “ego deaths”. We dissolve and clear and purge, transcend and expand beyond the old cellular memories, traumas, addictions, false beliefs, and judgments. Everything that is not of the Light, all victim/persecutor consciousness, lesser than/better than consciousness, and unconscious behaviour, all comes up as we leave Old Earth.

Our physical bodies now create all new Light Codes through a Crystalline Gridding System to match the Plasma Crystalline Gridwork of New Earth. This occurs through the influxes of Photonic Light within the body, fine tuning our frequency in observational awareness in each Now moment, as Higher Consciousness. We upgrade our Light and Love Quotient and expand in frequency, energy, and vibration into our fifth dimensional Solar Crystalline Light Bodies, where all is expressed with greater levels of Consciousness as pure Divine Love.

With the sub-atomic particles continuously spinning in increased light frequencies, this state of expansion, of Christ Consciousness, of Soul embodiment and Photonic Light, can be very dreamlike, and very surreal. Also, there is a time when we go through the “heaven and hell” archetypes to accelerate our ascension process, experiencing every karmic pattern needing to be cleared, released, dissolved, collapsed and transcended. Simultaneously we merge/converge into various multidimensional realities, timelines, and aspects of Self, such as our Angelic, Galactic, Christed, Lemurian, Atlantean, ancient Egyptian, Dolphin, Mermaid, and other Higher Self aspects.

These Higher Self aspects of Source often journey with us into numerous timelines in which we ascended, and places we travel to, in this Now or future timelines, such as Crystalline Cities of Light, Inner plane Ashrams, Schools of Learning, Healing Temples, Halls of Light, Ascension Seats and the like, as we remember and awaken and feel into all that presents within,  with shifting consciousness and differing perceptions of reality.

In this New Earth Quantum Healing Activation, we are invited into the timelines of being Initiates of Light, in feeling, frequency, energy and Light, as we expand and upgrade our Light Body. To attune to the Christ Consciousness Field of Light, that which we also call the Unity Grid and Quantum Field, and to travel with our Ascended/Christed aspects into various Ascension Seats on a Planetary level.

Primarily we are using the Ascension Seats to assist in bringing online our Crystalline Light Body as well as create a New Earth Gridding System within the body, and within our sacred space. Essentially, we are upgrading our Light Body and creating our homes as part of our New Earth Gridding System and as a Temple of Light.

The New Earth Gridding System amplifies our connection through the Quantum Field telepathically, energetically and through our feelings as we merge multidimensionally with our Higher Selves and experience the Overlighting and re-union with Soul and Star Family and Friends of the Light. We further experience new Light Codes, sacred geometries, sound and color frequencies that potentially expand our service roles as New Earth Guides through the Light Body Upgrades.

Ascensions seats assist us to raise our consciousness, frequency and vibration to the fifth dimension and beyond by calling upon the Overlighting of particular core groups, such as the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactics and other Illumined Beings of Light from On High.  

What we are invited to experience in this masterclass is the merging with the Ascended aspects of ourselves that have experienced these Ascension Seats, for deeper levels of Soul embodiment and Light Body activations. With this too, we will experience the New Earth Gridding of each Ascension Seat within our sacred space, creating both our personal Temple of Light and ability to experience these Ascension Seats on an ongoing basis.

Ascension Seats can be likened to etheric Temples Overlighted by the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High. There are Ascension Seats available to us on a planetary level, a solar level, a galactic, universal and multi universal level. Each Ascension Seat offers a frequency, energy and perspective of Higher Consciousness that we can experience as expanded states of Consciousness and Light. When we can hold our Consciousness as each band width/frequency long enough, this further activates new levels of Light Body Upgrades, each with its own unique experiences.

We start by experiencing The Ascended Selves Time Capsule Activations. This brings forth the Ascended/Christed aspects that will assist in this Soul Embodiment/Ascension Process through the remembrance of the timelines of Self Mastery.

We expand our frequency to enter Serapis Bey's Ascension Retreat in Luxor on the inner planes to receive the Golden Ascension Flame of Christ Consciousness. We further experience the sacred Golden Ascension Flame activate within and around our sacred space and from within our sacred heart, creating our New Earth Grid.

We enter into the Ascension Seat within the Great Pyramid of Giza, the King's chamber, to experience the Golden Sun Flower of Light Zero Point Activation as we raise our frequency, elevate our consciousness and release density from within the body and energy field and further expand our New Earth Grid.

We enter into the Ascension seat in Table Mountain Wyoming, called the “Atomic Accelerator”, able to spin the sub-atomic particles within the body in increased Photonic Light. We increase our Light Quotient and expand the Light Body through Photonic Light within our New Earth Gridding System.

We enter into the Ascension Seat in the center of Middle Earth, into Melchizedek’s Golden Chamber Ascension Seat, as Initiates of Light. We request the Overlighting, merging and integration of all aspects of our Higher Selves as we step into expanded Service Roles with feelings of passion and joy. As we birth our realities and the next level of our Soul’s magnificence and Light through being our Higher Light, our Light Body, upon this sacred earth.

We enter into the Ascension Seat of Telos, below Mt. Shasta and then into the Ascension Seat of the Godhead.

Enjoy this powerful Activation beloved heart plus become a Practitioner to this training to offer one-on-one as well as group sessions to your Light Tribe.

You will be provided with a manual that you can use for your Light Tribe, with the main guided visualization and quantum healing tools utilized in this masterclass course.



We will cover marketing suggestions to create an awareness of yourself as a

New Earth Quantum Healer and Guide

We will provide a template for your website page promoting a

New Earth Quantum Healing Session

as well as a suggested eBook as a free gift for your Light Tribe



You will receive ongoing Monthly Zoom Support with Anrita Melchizedek as well as the opportunity to share your own stories and be part of our beautiful Light Tribe Community


This New Earth Quantum Healing Activation Practitioner Training will assist you to:


Collapse and dissolve old timelines, emotional blocks, false beliefs and judgments as you exit Old Earth    


Stabilize your frequency to the vibration of New Earth and merge with and integrate more deeply your Soul Light and Higher Selves    


Express all from the Loving Heart


Deepen into the Quantum Field and ability to draw to you all you need in each Now moment


 Re-Write, Recode and expand your Consciousness through the Heart of Love


Become your Light Body


Create your New Earth Grid in Consciousness and Light within your Physical Body


Create your New Earth Grid within your Home and Sacred Space


Become a New Earth Guide and Quantum Healer to your Light Tribe


Join us beautiful heart in this powerful New Earth Quantum Healing Practitioner Training with your guide Anrita Melchizedek and co-host Lauren Galey as we experience the Light Body Upgrades and Ascension Seats to become our Higher Light and expand our Service Roles as New Earth Guides to this sacred earth.

4 Lessons

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