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Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades


$144 (Approximately €134/£120)

Beloved heart, you are invited to join us as a Practitioner in these powerful Physical Body Upgrades and Photonic Light Wholeness/Healing Attunements, Overlighting by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light.


The Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light have stepped forward at this pivotal moment of Humanity’s Forward Evolution, directing the flow of Photonic Light into the ionosphere for the purpose of propelling us deeper into the fifth dimension and beyond.


Photons are particles of light vibrating to the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. They usually range from low frequency waves to gamma rays. Gamma rays hold much more energy than low frequency rays, so the effect of our sacred earth immersed within the Photonic Light expands our consciousness, as it does for all Life upon this sacred earth.


Our cells are also connected to this sea of subatomic energy. It is known that our cells receive, store, and emit quantum packets of Photonic Light. We could say Photonic Light is the most important invisible nutrient of our existence, activating every single biochemical process in our body. And that a lack of Photonic Light will create dis-ease. Ultimately, the true essence of Who We Are is LIGHT.

The Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades are powerful Wholeness/Healing Attunements transmitted by the Pleiadians using Blue and Diamond White Photonic Light that take us deep into the physical body to unlock the Light Codes of our Divine Blueprint to Perfect Health and to bring online our  Light Body as we expand into the fifth dimension and beyond.


As we neutralize, release, and expand beyond everyday stressors such as toxins, traumas, harmful electromagnetic frequencies, fear, anger, resentment and blame as well as the corresponding inflammation and physical pain, we are able to restore, re-write and re-program from within whilst further developing a deepening intuitive connection to our bodies as our Temples of Light.


As a Practitioner to the Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades Wholeness Attunements, you will be able to offer  one-on-one sessions, online or in person or remotely using the Pleiadian Chi Ball Attunements for your Light Tribe.


Following your training, you will be provided with a Pleiadian Photonic Light Healing Wholeness Attunements Manual documenting each ailment focused on in each Attunement, and a clear understanding as to how you can use this manual.



We will show you how to use Kinesiology and to Pendulum, to tune in more deeply to each of your Soul Clients



We will provide a template for your website page  to promote these Attunements


You will receive an Attunements Manual

We will further be working with a beautiful Andara Crystal frequency of encoded Pleiadian Blue Diamond White Photonic Light, and these Andara are also available as beautiful pendants and stones.


These Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades

Wholeness Attunements will assist you to:


Upgrade the Physical Body energetically to bring online the Templates of Perfect Health, Well-Being and More


Resolve and dissolve and expand beyond the old frequencies, densities, toxicities and more


Express all from the Loving Heart


Deepen into the Quantum Field and connect to many of your Galactic Higher Selves


Connect to beautiful Healing Teams and Pleiadian Emissaries of Light on the Inner Planes


Re-Write, Recode and expand your Consciousness through the Heart of Love


Bring online your Crystalline Light Body with deepening levels of Soul Merging and Photonic Light


Following my participation in the Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades Masterclass all the discomfort and pain I was having with the lower bone area on my right leg is completely gone. The pain was debilitating. I walked around with a lidocaine patch for almost three weeks. It stopped me from walking properly and I was suffering.

Anrita, I truly believe that the Pleiadian Photonic Light Body Upgrades therapy as I call it, works and it really does do wonders to the body as a whole and to the mind as well. I have participated in other masterclasses and training before and I feel it is such a service to humanity and it is just so uplifting and beneficial to anyone who participates.

Such an extraordinary Healing… thank you dear Priestess for this dimensional Activation and Attunement… I hold in outstretched hand my burning Heart to Light the Way. It is so Honoring to be in this exquisite celestial Company that harmonizes overlaying embodiments. Our Body is a wonderful transceiver of the Divine.

 That was absolutely beautiful and deeply healing beloved Anrita 🙏  very deeply grateful . I felt a lot transforming and releasing and I'm looking forward to going through it again. I loved working with the Chi balls and I really loved this healing focus. A wonderful one to experience as a Practitioner 🙏💝

Bless you Anrita

I felt it to be so healing for us as a family of light right now. A very deep healing experience working with the Photonic Light and will use it regularly for soul healing 🙏 Deep gratitude from all of us to you for you beloved Anrita

 Thank you for these Pleiadian Photonic Light Wholeness Attunements and providing sacred space for deep connection to the physical body. 🙏✨


We look so forward to having you join us beautiful heart in this powerful Practitioner Training with your guide Anrita Melchizedek.






Anrita Melchizedek



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Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades Masterclass


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