Solar Crystalline Light Body and 12 Strand DNA Upgrade

 Beloved heart, you are invited to join us in this powerful Masterclass as we bring online our New Earth Solar Crystalline Light Bodies by initially unblocking and clearing the first seven chakras. We then expand into the 12 Body Chakra System as well as experience the 12 Strand DNA Upgrade through the Rays of Creation.

We are at an unprecedented Now moment in which we are becoming our Higher Selves upon this sacred earth through our ability to keep our Loving Heart’s open and align through the Sun and Sun’s behind the Sun as the Light of God We Are. A point of surrender and rebirth, in which our Higher Selves enter into our bodies and guide us through the Quantum and Earthly realms.

As our Bodies come online with New Earth, with the Overlighting of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the Rays of Creation, we activate the Stargate of our Loving Heart, to expand our Higher Heart Portal through the Three-Fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom. We additionally activate the Pineal Gland, and then further expand into our Power Center, or that which we call our Spiritual Sun Vortex. With deepening levels of Love, sovereignty, freedom, power and compassion, we release judgment, addiction, lesser than and better than consciousness, power issues, and old timelines no longer needing to be experienced.

This facilitates a big shift in consciousness as we shift from our head to our heart, synchronizing our Higher Heart and Higher Mind so all flows as one again.  With this, the antakarana, the rainbow bridge of light, widens and activates through the crown chakra and up and down the spinal column as a Pillar of White Photonic Light. Additionally, the first seven chakras clear, release and unblock to open up through this increased spin rate of Photonic Light. The bottom chakras open to clear and dissolve old programming, whilst the upper chakras to the back of the body start to detach from the lower chakras as we deepen into Christ Consciousness.

As our body expands with Photonic Light (Soul Light) and the spin rate of each cell increases, our chakras grow huge and merge into One Chakra, creating the Solar Crystalline Light Body (Rainbow Light Body) and the 12 Chakras activate along the spinal column, with the spinal column becoming the central operating system of the body.

To facilitate this initial process of clearing and unblocking the first seven chakras, we are invited into Lord Melchizedek’s Inner Plane Ashram, to expand the Golden Frequency of our Solar Crystalline Light Body as we deepen into Soul Embodiment.


 As we enter into the Golden Flame of Light that activates through the Stargate of our Loving Heart, we find ourselves in this beautiful Ashram of Light.


Surrounded by the Initiates of Light, and the Overlighting of Lord Melchizedek, we initially experience the Sirian Blue Gold Power Andara Wholeness Grid. This is a beautiful Sirian Plasma Light sphere with Andara Crystal frequencies that activates through each of these seven chakras to clear, release, unblock and increase the spin rate of the chakras, with the sacred geometry primarily that of the star tetrahedron, which additionally assists in the Merkaba activation.


This is where we work through all judgment, as well as lack of worthiness/giving our power to others, as we recognize and dissolving old and unconscious beliefs through the Witnessing Presence of our Beloved I Am.


Essentially, the Sirian Blue Gold Power Andara Wholeness Grid aligns us deeper into Zero Point and Photonic Light Infusion. It facilitates the merging, integration, and embodiment of our Galactic Higher Selves, as well as activating the Sirian Light Codes of the Divine Masculine with a softness and gentleness, power, compassion and strength.


Additionally at this level, the first Seven Rays of Creation expand as seven rays of Light above the Crown Chakra, bringing online the first seven DNA Templates.


These Ray frequencies are Divine Will, Love-Wisdom, Divine Intelligence, Harmony, Divine Science, Devotion and Ceremonial Magic.Once this process completes, initially through the Higher Mind and then through the Loving Heart, with the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, we activate the vortex of our Higher Heart, called the Golden Heart, and expand our Loving Hearts through the Three-Fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom.

This facilitates the infusion of Golden Light into the Soular Plexus (Seat of the Soul), which expands from within the Solar Plexus and Diaphragm center. As this Yellow Golden Light becomes a Golden frequency, the infusion of White Photonic Light descends as a Pillar of Light through the Soul Star Chakra and into the Crown Chakra, up and down the spine, and out the Earth Star Chakra and brings online the 12 Body Chakra System in a Rainbow infusion of colors and Light.

To bring online these 12 New Earth Chakras, we again utilize the Sirian Blue Gold Power Andara Wholeness Grid of Plasma Infused Light that spirals into each of the 12 chakras along the spinal column and then extends from the Crown Chakra, where it forms a spherical vortex and wheel with 12 equal parts.

From Yellow to Gold to Rainbow Light, and the higher colors of Magenta and Rose, Aqua, Silver and White, the new hues of color and Light, of the Solar Crystalline Light Body come online.

The Perineum Chakra ignites in a beautiful Maroon and Golden Light

The Base Chakra expresses with Red and Cherry

The Sacral Chakra merges Orange with Golden Hues

The Hara Chakra moves through the Orange Brown to Golden Amber Browns

The Solar Plexus deepens from Yellow into Golden Hues

The Diaphragm expands from Lime Green into Golden Green hues and Diamond Light

The Heart Chakra expands with Emerald Green and Golden Green Hues

The Thymus Chakra, as part of the Higher Heart expands with Pink and Rose

The Throat Chakra expresses in deep Blues, light Blues and Aqua

The Causal Body Chakra, as the Base of the Skull, expands with Magenta and Violet and Silver Hues

The Third Eye expresses in Violet and then Silver Rays along with the Eye Chakras, which become Silver and Aqua in Color

The Crown Chakra deepens from Indigo to Golden Purple Hues

Above the Body we have the Soul Star Chakra, our Transpersonal Point of Clear White and Diamond Light

And below the Body we have the Earth Star Chakra, Black with Purple Hues plus hand, feet and knee chakras that further align to New Earth.

Whilst these colors may change with new levels of our Light Body activating beloved hearts, it gives us a good sense of what many of us will be experiencing with the Solar Crystalline Light Body and 12 Body Chakra System.

We then experience the additional Five Higher Earthly Rays activating as we deepen into the Quantum realm and inner plane Ashrams of Light.  This further creates a 12-Pointed Star above the Crown Chakra, holding the frequency of these 12 Rays of Creation, which along with the Chakras, continuously activate the 12 DNA Strands, or rather 24 DNA Strands, as each Strand is a double helix. The next level of our New Earth realities for Initiates is the ability to experience greater levels of initiations (tests) and the ability to utilize these Rays of Creation as a Multidimensional Map to all that is experienced within our New Earth Realities.


Join us in this Powerful Masterclass beautiful heart, as we expand into our Crystalline Light Body, become our Higher Light and experience the 12 Chakra System, the Rays of Creation and this 12 Strand DNA Upgrade.



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Andara Wholeness Activation Introduction

Solar Crystalline Light Body & 12 Strand DNA Upgrade Introduction

Solar Crystalline Light Body and 12 Strand DNA Upgrade

Solar Crystalline Light Body and 12 Strand DNA Upgrade Masterclass